My parents, for letting me live wild, trusting my intuition and never holding me back from my crazy dreams. Like the morning they woke up to find I had painted all the furniture in my room white. And for giving me the right fences to jump over. Now I find being a fighter is useful, it took blood, sweat and tears to overcome my doubts and setbacks to get here. 

Grandma, who said that anything done by hand is always useful.  Always. Even if you sit all day and night at the office, she said. She was right.

Marta, my BFF. If there is someone I can call in the middle of the night, she is the one. We have never lived closer together then 300 kms but she is the proof that the distance doesn’t matter, because when we are together we carry on as if our adventure has never stopped.  

Karolina, who helps me make it all happen, literally. Karolina also came up with the idea “Sleepless Nights and Early Mornings”. And as a bonus, SNEM means “with a dream” in Czech.

Jon, because without him you would have to work a lot harder to understand my ramblings. Btw., if you notice any missing articles, or if you find them placed randomly, that’s not his fault. That’s my nature and Jon is patiently waiting to see if I will ever change… 

Lukas and Eliska, who saw Sleepless Nights & Early Mornings through lenses of their cameras.

Tatiana, Heather, Stoyanka, Ian, Brigitte, Steffen, David, Josef. Thank you. You helped me fight my doubts.

And you. I hope you like your new bag!